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Against Smartphone Cameras

Posted 2/14/2022

I think that it really sucks that smartphones have image and video cameras, because it means wherever we are in the world, if we're in public, someone could pull out their cell phone and capture our image, and put it online.

I was saddened to discover recently that videos that are humiliating to strangers are a huge category. What does it say about our society when humiliating strangers we know nothing about is a past-time?

I remember when having something unfortunate happen, or having an awkward or silly moment, which is something that happens to everyone, was just a moment in time. Now you never know whether your worst moments will end up preserved online for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of people to laugh at you.

We've never had a right to privacy in public, I know, but what we've got now is awful, and certainly isn't what we had before smartphones.

Maybe we are benefited on the whole by having the cameras, but I still feel that something important has been lost.